Saturday, October 4, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos #snippetsunday #SPeekSunday #8Sunday

Welcome Back Everyone! 

Today is Snippet #4! I'm so excited to have you read it!

 Today I'll be sharing a continued snippet from my newly published story Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos.
Last time we left Valentina was cancer free and she owed it all to Dr Xander Carlisle. Let's see what she is up to know.
***Note: The snippet has been modified to fit the 8 sentence limit.***

However, cancer free didn't mean she could run a marathon any time soon. She hadn't improved as fast as she would have expected. 
Working full time would prove too difficult a feat for her, but her oncologist, Dr. Carlisle
finagled a job for her down in the morgue as a part time coroner.
Dr. Carlisle or Xander—he was adamant that she called him by his first name now that she was no longer his patient. They had become good friends. 
He was a person she could rely on when there had been no one else. 
With her new found health, her friendship with Xander and her great job, she could keep her life going forward. The morgue brought her a sense of peace.
Glad to see Valentina is doing better with this new job of hers but will this new found peace in the work place last?
Find out next week on Sunday October 11th for snippet #5 of my paranormal romance Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos.
Thank you so much for stopping by. 

If you're interested in more about Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos here's a blurb:

E-Book: $2.99
Word Count: 84,280
E-Book available at:
Now Available in paperback!

The Day of the Dead takes on a new meaning, when the dead don't stay dead. Dr. Valentina Bellmonte, a cancer survivor, is the new coroner at Hope Memorial. Her faith is put to the test when a body arrives at the morgue drained of blood and the man responsible for the crime is sporting fangs. Could vampires be real?
            Her good friend, Dr. Xander Carlisle seems to know the truth, but he's unwilling to confide in her. He has a secret of his own and it's not just how he feels about her, but something else entirely, something he's forbidden to reveal.

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  1. After apparently beating cancer, I can see why she thinks the job in the morgue is great---creepy, but great. :)

  2. Definitely glad to see she's doing better and her life is looking up!!

  3. Great snippet as usual. Loved this story! :) I'm so glad you'll be joining us for the Fright, Frolicking, and Fun! It should be lots of fun!!

  4. Xander Carlisle---very nice name. :)

  5. "The morgue brought her a sense of peace."
    I never thought of that way. Hmmmm.....
    Also, your snippet reminded me of a book a read a few years ago,

  6. I'm glad she beat the cancer. I dunno about that job in the morgue. :-) lol I take it that it's integral to the story. :-) Good 8.

  7. I'm glad she's so happy with her new part-time job. She's quite the interesting character. Can't wait to see how she handles what's in store.

  8. Interesting turn of events for her, glad she finds it peaceful. A great snippet!

  9. Peace in the morgue? Well I guess if I was just coming up that kind of health scare and was now set up with a job and a good friend, I'd probably feel that way too. Interesting 8 here.

  10. Great eight. I'm interested in her already, having beat cancer and all. Wow a job in the morgue, I'm wondering about her already.

  11. That's an interesting contrast there. Surviving cancer and a job in a morgue. there still is something odd with the doc and how she was cured. I'm liking it!

  12. Great snippet! You always leave me wanting more!

  13. Nice work. I like how you give us just enough information to make us more curious.

  14. Wow, peaceful at the morgue, that's creepy. At least nobody seems to want to be rising from the dead.